The Boat

Week 10 and we are still waiting to hear from the Insurance.

I have been trying to figure out creative ways to repair the old Restless Spirit.  Our friends who helped return Maggie to me from St Croix have been working with the Government and a salvage company to help clear the island of the broken boats, galvanized steel roof tops, cars, etc.  They may have room on a barge to get RS to the States where I can find qualified professionals to work on her.

My friends who worked for Gunboat and who is now working with Croswait Composites put me in touch with their boat builder/general manager, John, to get his professional opinion on what is the best move for us regarding the boat.  He has basically told me to walk away from her as I could run out of money trying to repair her, especially incurring the costs of transporting her to the States and then to NC plus paying customs etc before we even begin to repair her.

I told Maggie the new update when she returned from school and she was heartbroken.  My poor girl cried over the potential loss of Restless Spirit, which made me cry even more.  Moving on to Plan D (or I may be on plan Z by now) John gave me the contact for a boat builder in St Croix to see if they may be able to help repair our old girl, so we are waiting to hear from them.

The Business

We are renewing all our licenses and permits which are due.  This will put us in a great position to get fully operational as soon as we are able to make solid plans.

We are getting a lot of inquiries for day sail charters from guests off the cruise ships.  We have not heard the official word of when the ships will be returning on schedule.  If all boats are returning in January, then it may make more sense to buy a new boat and get back down there and working.  If they are not returning until mid 2018, then we may try to move forward with Restless Spirit.  Everything is up in the air as we are solely reliant on tourists returning in droves to make our business a success.

The Crew

We are settling into our new life in North Carolina.  Maggie started Kindergarten and overall is very happy with life.  I am blessed to have such an easygoing, happy, resilient, extroverted child.  She is making new friends and meeting our new neighbors.  She has caught up with her old friends at the Outer Banks, NC and of course, her beloved Aiden.

The end of the first day of Kindergarten with Jacob

maggie & Jacob 1st day of school


Maggie and Aiden at the park


I am enjoying catching up with good friends.  We have been here for two weeks and I miss our Island life so much.  I can’t wait to get back but am enjoying all the benefits that come with living in the USA