December 6th marked 90 days post Irma. Becoming displaced, losing my home, business and income is one of the hardest things I have ever had to come to terms with. Time moves painfully slowly and since leaving the devastation behind and knowing how lucky I am to have had that choice has been hard on the psyche. The Islanders need so much and are still living in terribly harsh conditions, with hundreds of people still living without the basic necessities; power, water and the roofs over their heads. Most people are unemployed since tourism was the largest employment opportunity.

If you are able, please make a donation. Here are several links to help get the BVI’s back up and running

One Love BVI
Adopt A Roof
Unite BVI

The Tourist Season

cruise ship
The first cruise ship of the season docked in Road Town December 6th, with 1,300 passengers. The BVI government released a video of an interview with the ships captain and our Premier. Several safari tours were seen out and about around the Island which is great news considering how bad the roads are still.

The Disney Cruise Line has decided the Island is still too devastated and dangerous for them to stop. They have re-routed all cruises through end of March to Saint Maarten. Apparently their recovery efforts have been faster.

Many of the Charter Companies are back up and running this month. The message is still the same. Our waters are blue, the beaches are beautiful and the beverages are cold. And of course, sailing to the different Islands is still as good as ever. If you are looking to support the BVI’s, I encourage you to take a vacation through one of the charter companies or the luxury ‘all inclusive’ charters, to which your every whim is catered. You can bring supplies and drop them off for distribution to the many on ground organizations bringing relief efforts to the locals.

The Boat

Maggie RS


We have finally heard from the Insurance company yesterday, 90 days after Irma, and they are officially writing off Restless Spirit. I have tried everything possible to work toward finding a way to keep and repair her, but it is beyond my abilities. My only hope is she finds a buyer who will restore her to her former glory, rather than being stripped down for valuables.

Check out our facebook page for a video of her still sitting on the dock 90 days later.