Only 2 1/2 years since Irma ripped our lives apart, the virus Covid 19 is now dealing us another blow.  Instead of enquiries for day sails, I am refunding deposits to our guests who are no longer traveling to the BVI.

As of today’s date, Tortola is symptom free of the virus and the Government is taking measures to limit those with potential exposure by postponing/cancelling the 49th Spring Regatta, the Virgin Gorda Easter parade and stopping cruise ships from entering the Territory for the next 30 days beginning tomorrow. With this news, our season is officially over.  As my business is 75% cruise ship based, this could have devastating consequences to my small, family owned business.  Since getting back up and running from Irma, I made the decision to put everything back into the business and the boat as an investment for our future. Only time will tell if this strategy was the right or wrong decision.  It is unfortunate that a lot of businesses around the world are going to be faced with bankruptcy and I pray we are not one of them and can again weather another storm.

A light at the end of the tunnel may be that Flu season is almost over, it usually runs for 16 weeks and nears its end by the beginning-mid Spring.  That is just around the corner.  I hope these 30 non-cruise ship days do not expand to more and the Territory stays virus free.  And if you are staying on Island, we would  love to get you out on the water for the day.  Just call me 284 346 7245.