Only available on a Private Charter embarking from Soper’s Hole, West End.  If you are arriving via a cruise ship, you will have to get a taxi at the gates.  The rate is $12 per person one way (for groups of 3 or more)

Jost Van Dyke is the BVI’s smallest island of the four main British Islands.  It features spectacular snorkeling and amazing views. Jost Van Dyke was named for an early Dutch settler and former pirate. Jost Van Dyke runs deep with rugged scenery, colorful folklore and it has been a sailor’s mecca for years.

Great Harbour, the main port of entry, is always bobbing with sailboats and sailors.  They come ashore to see the charming West Indian village that lines the beach with gift shops and restaurants, the most famous of which is Foxy’s Tamarind Bar.

Mountainous and sparsely populated, this island hide-away is just a short ferry ride from Tortola’s west end.  It offers one pristine white beach, appropriately name White Bay.  This is the home of the Soggy Dollar Bar and where the painkiller drink originated.

SANDY CAY, about a mile to the south, has the character of an ideal tropical isle, dotted with palm trees on wide, gently sloping beaches.  It offers several diverse snorkeling sites,  including Green Cay.  This idyllic island is not only a favorite watering hole, but a place for underwater marine enthusiasts as well.

You can expect to see a series of pinnacles covered with brightly colored sponges and branching hydroid fans shelter.  There is an abundance of marine life such as juvenile angelfishes and glassy minnows, patrolled by jacks, large dog snappers, schools of barracuda and tarpon.

A hike over the hill from Great Harbour will put you in Little Harbour, a smaller bay with several seafood restaurants. Diamond Cay is another attraction with a small seaside restaurant and a trail to what is known as “the bubbly pool”.  This is a natural breakwater from the sea that comes alive when waves pour into a pool-like formation stirring up the waters.  Experience covered sugar mill ruins, old trails that crisscross the island and  observe whales and dolphins.

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