Peter Island is a 1,779 acre private island located in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It is about 5.2 miles south-west from Road Harbour Tortola.

Buttonwood Bay  This is a wonderful place to anchor, snorkel and have lunch. It is located on the Western end of Great Harbour.  A shallow reef begins 20 yards from shore, starting in 8ft of water, sloping to around 20 feet and drops vertically to a depth of 40 feet.  You can see a large variety of coral and huge deep purple sea fans.

peter island

Deadmans Bay – The largest beach on Peter Island, it is perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing.  Also a great stop for lunch.  It is a mile-long crescent of perfect palm trees, pristine white sand and turquoise-blue waters.

BVI day sailing

Little Harbour – Since Hurricane Irma, the turtles seem to love this place and come to feed on the sea grasses.  Maybe you will be lucky and get to swim with a turtle in their wild habitat.


One of BVI’s most stunning, white sand beaches. Small and unspoiled, it lies about five miles across the Sir Francis Drake Channel from Tortola. The island offers incredible snorkeling waters around Cistern Point and the rock named Little Carvel Rock. On the shore adjacent to the rock are the remnants of a cistern once used for watering livestock and plantation land.

Cistern Point extends as a rocky point and coral reef ridge off Cooper Island and out to a rock by that name.  Both a great snorkeling site and sensational shallow dive site at the southern end of Manchioneel Bay.


The shoreline is perfect for kayaking, exploring, and wreck diving.


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